Corps Group List

Purpose: This report provides the Corps with lists of all people who are active on your roll and are linked to the given group.

Management Use: Relationship building

Parameters/Filters: This report allows you to filter by:

  1. Command
  2. Unit
  3. Group
  4. Sub Group

View/Email Options:  This report allows you to:

  1. View the Report on the Screen
  2. Email the Report to yourself or others

If you are at a Corps, you'll only have access to your Corps information.

Output Fields:  This report provides the user with a  printable report that you may save as an Excel, PDF or Word document  that includes the following information:

  1. Last Name
  2. First Name
  3. Start Date
  4. Phone Number
  5. Email Address

If the report you run shows names, right-click anywhere on the report for additional options.