Step #6: Adding Income to a Meeting

This section will walk the user through adding income to a meeting.  This will be the responsibility of Finance staff.  

Income can only be added to meetings that are set up.  If a meeting is not already in the system for income that needs to be added, see article # XXXXXX for instructions on how to add a meeting to the system.

1. Open the meeting record

On the meeting list, identify the meeting you want to add income to, and double-click into it.

2. Select the meeting attendees

Review the checks you have on hand and select the name of the attendees (if they appear), in the attendee list section.  This will provide you with a short-cut later.

3. Click the View/Record Stewardship button

After the names are selected click the 'view/record stewardship/ button so that you can begin entering income.

4. Follow the Record Stewardship Wizard

a. There are several steps to entering income, when you come to the Wizard screen, identify the total amount of money you have in hand to enter.   This should include both cash and checks.

b. Click the Next >> button on the left side of the screen under where you entered the total amount.

c. A list of available funds that can receive anonymous donations will appear.  If anonymous income was received, enter into the amount into the fund(s) that you want it to be associated to.  Click Next >> when complete.

  • If there was no anonymous income received, click Next >>

d. A list of available funds that are available for named gifts will appear.  Check or uncheck the funds that you plan to apply income against.  Click Next >> when complete.

e.  At this point you have a decision to make on how you want to enter the income.  You select to:

  • Enter income one person at a time
  • Enter income in a grid/excel format for multiple people.  

Make your select and click Next >>

  • If you chose to enter the income one person at a time, click here
  • if you chose to enter the income in a grid/excel, click here