How to Process a Refund

If a church member contacts the corps staff and requests a refund, please forward the instructions below.

Tithe to the Wrong Church

If the tithe was made to the wrong church, please have the church member contact  They will be able to assist with changing the church the tithe went to.

Tithe in the Wrong Amount

If the tithe was made in the wrong amount, please submit a help desk ticket to with the following information.  A refund will be initiated from this request.

  1. Subject Line of Help Desk Ticket: Refund
  2. Name of Church: (i.e. The Salvation Army Lexington, KY)
  3. Name of the Church Member: Randall Jenson
  4. Date of the Tithe: September 23, 2020
  5. Amount of the Tithe Made: $500.00

The submitter of the ticket will receive an email when the refund has been initiated.  

Please notify the church member:

1. It may take several days to see the funds returned to the bank or credit card.

2. They can follow the same steps to make a tithe in the correct amount.

Note to Help Desk:  Assign ticket to Kelly Dvorak.  Kelly will work with THQ Finance to ensure funds are available before steps are taken to initiate the refund.