How to Process a Refund

If a church member contacts the corps staff and requests a refund, please forward the instructions below.

Tithe to the Wrong Church

If the tithe was made to the wrong church, please have the church member contact [email protected].  They will be able to assist with changing the church the tithe went to.

Tithe in the Wrong Amount

If the tithe was made in the wrong amount, please submit a help desk ticket to [email protected] with the following information.  A refund will be initiated from this request.

  1. Subject Line of Help Desk Ticket: Refund
  2. Name of Church: (i.e. The Salvation Army Lexington, KY)
  3. Name of the Church Member: Randall Jenson
  4. Date of the Tithe: September 23, 2020
  5. Amount of the Tithe Made: $500.00

The submitter of the ticket will receive an email when the refund has been initiated.  

Please notify the church member:

1. It may take several days to see the funds returned to the bank or credit card.

2. They can follow the same steps to make a tithe in the correct amount.

Note to Help Desk:  Assign ticket to Kelly Dvorak.  Kelly will work with THQ Finance to ensure funds are available before steps are taken to initiate the refund.