How to Report Suspicious Emails

You can view a refresher on how to identify a malicious email here.

1.) Click on the Report Message button; located in the toolbar of your Outlook Email.  

Note: This button can be viewed from the Home email screen and/or once you click into the individual email in question. 

If you dont see the Report Message button, try clicking on the dropdown arrow on the right hand side of your toolbar.

2.) Once you click on the button , you will receive a Report suspicious message? dialog box.  

Click Yes.

3.) Next you will see a Message Reported dialog box.  

Click Ok

Your suspicious email will automatically be removed from your Email folder and will be directed to a USE Security mailbox for further investigation by the THQ IT Department.

Please note that these "removed" emails can still be retrieved by going to your Sent Items folder in Outlook and opening up the SUSPECTED PHISHING email which will contain, as an attachment, the original email you reported.

What about Spam Email?

Spam email is unsolicited and unwanted junk email.   They can be retail advertisements, vendor solicitations, or anything else you dont want to receive and can be quite a nuisance.  The good news is that there is an easy way to eliminate them from cluttering your Inbox and have them directed instead to the Junk Email folder.

If at some time you decide you no longer want to block this sender, all you need to do is go to the Junk Email folder and perform the same steps but select Never Block Sender.

How to Identify a Malicious Email

Obviously, phishing emails are designed to look as plausible as possible in order to maximize their probablity of tricking their victim.  

However, there are some warning signs that may point to a malicious email.