How to View Awards

Within Troops and Corps Cadets:

Click,  Manage Troop Awards

The following screen appears and is a non-editable area. Here you can view current "Troop Awards" though several filters:

  1. Command/Unit = If you are a Corps Officer or employee, the Command and Unit will be defaulted for you (if you are at DHQ or THQ, these will appear as    drop-down lists).
  2. Troop Type = This is a drop-down filter to limit the Troop Type list (i.e., Adventure Corps Explorers, Adventure Corps Rangers, etc.).
  3. Award Status = This is a drop-down filter by All ,Ready to Submit, Submitted to DHQ, Approved by DHQ & Approved by THQ
  4. Search for people = enter the person's name and click the search icon.
  5. Program Year = This is a drop-down filter to select "Any Year" or the appropriate year.
  6. Historical Status = allows the user to filter awards by their historical status.
  7. Awards = Once your selections are made, you will receive a breakdown of Records for the Troop Awards. Further Sorting Capability  = By clicking a category heading below Awards, the chart can be sorted  by Troop Type, Name, Enrollment, Award, Approval Status and  Status Date.
  8. Toggle between 'Show Command' or 'Show Unit' to add column search within the chart.
  9. Text Filter = Enter a portion of what you are searching and the chart will reflect your search.
  10. Toggle between Mail, Don't Mail or All for further viewing options.
  11. View Award = By clicking on View Emblem, a  pop-up screen appears with the individual details in regards to a specific Award. See below, second image.  

View of an individual details in regards to a specific Award. Please note this is a non-editable area.

  1. Award = Name of Award.
  2. Date Earned = Date achieved Award.
  3. Mail this Award = check here if Award to be mailed.
  4. Description = Input details of Award achieved.
  5. Status = Whether or not approved.
  6. Submission = Submission Date, Submitted by, and Submission Note.

Click Save if information updated or Back, once information is viewed.