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Step # 4 - Edit (Update), Delete or Complete Existing Follow-ups and Reminders

This screen will allow you to view all current Follow-ups and Reminders by:

  1. Person Name = Provides full name as inputted in the system.
  2. Reason for Follow-up = Title of follow-up item.
  3. Due Date = Date follow-up item should be addressed.
  4. View Person = The pop-up screen provides a complete demographic profile of the individual.
  5. Add Follow-up = Create a new follow-up.
  6. Edit Follow-up = Edit a current follow-up.
  7. Delete Follow-up = Removes a follow-up. Once removed it is deleted from the system permanently.
  8. Complete Follow-up = Once complete, the follow-up is removed from the follow-up list.

For this purpose, we are going to concentrate on Edit (Update) or Delete Existing Follow-ups and Reminders.

Edit (Update) Existing Follow-ups and Reminders

Click Edit a Follow-up and enter the following information:

  • Reason for follow-up = Input explanation for follow-up
  • Reminder Date = This is a drop-down menu to populate the calendar.
  • Click Save

Delete Existing Follow-ups and Reminders

To Delete a Follow-up, click selection, click Delete and you will receive a pop-up reconfirming that you would like to Delete the Follow-up. Click, Yes.

Complete Existing Follow-ups and Reminders

To Complete a Follow-up, make selection, click Complete Follow-up and the Reminder and Follow-up will be deleted from record.