Step #7B - Enter income in bulk (grid/excel)

If you chose to enter income in bulk, you'll use a grid/excel type view to do so.  After selecting enter data into a grid, you'll see this view.  The people who have a 'giver' record will appear in the table.  For any other check received you'll need to make a decision

Go back and enter the income as anonymous if the person is not going to be giving a check regularly

Create a new giver record by clicking the 'create new giver records for these attendees'

Once the list includes the person you need to add income for, complete these steps:

1. Enter the check number (optional)

2. Enter a remark (optional)

3. By fund, enter the amount of money the person gave

4. Repeat the above steps until all income is in the system (and the difference on the bottom shows as $0.00)

5. Click Save

NOTE: If there are additional attendees that gave a check, you'll need to save, click the Back button and enter them into the one off tool.