Step # 3 - Add a NEW Pastoral Visit

This screen will allow you to view all Pastoral Visits that have occurred or are planned through several filters.

  1. Command/Unit = If you are a Corps Officer or  employee, the Command and Unit will be defaulted for you (if  you are at  DHQ or THQ, these will appear as drop-down lists).
  2. Who should I be visiting? = Provides a full listing of your enrollments, so that you may select an individual to schedule a visitation with.
  3. Toggle between 'scheduled', 'completed', or 'all' users to narrow the list of givers.
  4. Filter by Name = Enter a full or partial first or last name to narrow the list of givers.

This screen also allows you to Open Household Record, Add, Edit or Delete. For this purpose, we are going to concentrate on Adding a NEW Pastoral Visit.

Add a NEW Pastoral Visit

  1. Click Add at the bottom of the screen. The following screen appears:

Enter the following information:

  1. Primary Person Visited = This is a drop-down filter to select the individual name.
  2. Visitation Date =This is a drop-down menu to populate the calendar.
  3. Completed = This is a check box to be marked once visitation completed.
  4. Visited By = Will automatically populate with the signed-in person's name.
  5. Officer's Visitation = This is a check box to be marked if an Officer conducted the visit.
  6. Location = Address, City and State or Name of Location of visit.
  7. People Scheduled to Visit =  First and Last Name of individual(s) visited.
  8. Seekers =
  9. Comments = Details of your visit.
  10. Click Save