Step #7A: Enter income ONE person at a time

If you chose to enter income on person at a time,  you'll see this view.  Complete these steps:

1. Choose the Giver from the drop-down list (which is driven by the attendees that were selected earlier in the process).  If the person does not appear in the drop-down, click the + New Giver Link to the right of the Giver field.

2. Enter the check number (optional)

3. Enter a remark (optional)

4. By fund, enter the amount of money the person gave

5. Click Next >>

6. Repeat the process for each person/check you received

NOTE:  To expand the giver list, toggle between active and both active and inactive givers before click + New Giver

Confirm $0.00 Difference

Before finalizing the meeting, make sure your totals match.  You will not be able to finalize the meeting until the Difference is $0.00.  Click the <<Back button to make changes.

Finalize this Meeting

Once you've entered the income, and if you have the security to do so, click the Finalize this meeting button.

NOTE: You'll be able to unfinalize the meeting to make changes up until the GL file is posted.