How to View Troop Membership

Within Troops and Corps Cadets:

Click, Current Troop Membership


The following screen appears and you can view current "Troop Members" through several filters:

  1. Command/Unit = If  you are a Corps Officer or employee, the Command and Unit will be  defaulted for you (if you are at DHQ or THQ, these will appear as  drop-down lists).
  2. Troop Type = This is a drop-down filter to limit the Troop Type list (i.e., Adventure Corps Explorers, Adventure Corps Rangers, etc.).
  3. Enrollment Type = This is a drop-down filter to limit the enrollment type to a specific type (i.e., Prospect, Attendee, Friend, etc.).
  4. Search for people = enter the person's name and click the search icon.
  5. Get an Email List = By clicking this prompt you will receive the following message in a pop-up box "We've put a list of email addresses on your clipboard. Use the paste (or Ctrl + V) to add these recipients to your email message." Click OK to exit.
  6. Print Attendance Capture Sheet = By clicking this prompt a prepared document will appear in a new window providing you the options of saving and/or printing.
  7. Toggle between 'Show Command' or 'Show Unit' to add column search within the chart.
  8. Records = Once your selections are made, you will receive a breakdown of Records for the Troop Members.  
  9. Text Filter = Enter a portion of what you are searching and the chart will reflect your search.
  10. Toggle between 'active,' 'inactive' or 'all' users to narrow the list of members.