Contact Info - Avery Labels 5160

Purpose:  This report gives you the ability to print mailing labels (30 labels per page) for all people who are actively on your roll for the given enrollment type (or all enrollment types if you select that option). This report is designed specifically to be printed from Citrix, which shrinks the page down a little.

Management Use:  Easily and quickly communicate with people via mail without having to hand written names and addresses.

Caution!  You must use the Avery Labels #5160

Parameter/Filters:  This report allows you to filter by:

  1. Command
  2. Unit
  3. Enrollment
  4. Group
  5. Sub Group

View/Email Options:  This report allows you to:

  1. View the Report on the Screen
  2. Email the Report to yourself or others


1. When you click the View Report or Email Report option, a pop-up will ask whether you want to include a "To the parents" of header on each address.


If you are at a Corps, you'll only have access to your Corps information.

The Avery Labels #5160 is created:

Email Report, click the box and the following prompt opens. Enter the appropriate email address and click Send Email. The report is automatically emailed.