Step # 2 - Review Pastoral Visitations

This screen will allow you to view all "Pastoral Visits" that have occurred or are planned through several filters.

  1. Command/Unit = If you are a Corps Officer or employee, the Command and Unit will be defaulted for you (if you are at DHQ or THQ, these will appear as drop-down lists).
  2. Record Count = includes the number of records, along with the following details:
    • Date = date of visit
    • Time = scheduled time of visit
    • Household = Family Name
    • People Visited = Individuals visited
    • Seekers = An individual who is not yet a soldier or adherent, but someone who has started to attend a corps and is potentially interested in becoming a member.
    • Notes = Observations for/of visit
  3. Filter list by name = This is a text filter that will allow you to enter a full or partial first or last name to limit the list.  Some examples include:
    • Al ( to find Alex, Albert, Albasa, Al-Snow)
    • Carter, Al (to find Carter, Alex or Albert)
  4. Toggle between 'scheduled', 'completed', or 'all' users to narrow the list of givers.
  5. Open Household Record = By selecting an individual household and clicking Open Household Record, the next screen provides a full demographic profile of the household (i.e., Personal Info, Contact Info, Demographics, Household, etc.).
  6. Add = Create a new visit.
  7. Edit = Edit a current visit.
  8. Delete = Removes a visit. Once removed it is deleted from the system permanently.