Step # 1 - Accessing Corps Member Profiles

To view Member Profiles, please select "Corps Roll" from the main menu.

Corps Roll is an area where you can view member information.  You can access personal and demographic information; household members and relationships; the methods in which the member likes to be contacted (email, phone, mail); their enrollment status in the corps and specific enrollment activities in Troops, Corps Cadets, Groups.  Any relevant Commissions or Transfers between Corps, Attendance in a variety of meeting types, Visitation history, Giving history and any notes entered for the member.  

NOTE: If you don't see a button on your screen, go to the Navigate button on the top of your screen. Some buttons are no longer available in the view below.  

The bubble that appears to the right of the Corps Rolls icon indicates the # of prospects (red) and transfers (blue) your Corps has.  Instruction: Once you open the icon, look at the Enrollment Column.  Prospects will show in GREEN; Transfers will show in BLUE

For ease of access throughout the Corps Management System without having to go back to the main "icon" screen as shown above, a Navigate link is located at the upper left hand corner of each screen. Once Navigate is clicked a drop-down menu will appear with the section categories.