Step # 2 - Review the Commission List

This screen will allow you to view current "Commissions" throughout the system through several filters.  

  1. Command/Unit = If you are a Corps Officer or employee, the Command and Unit will be defaulted for you (if you are at DHQ or THQ, these will appear as drop-down menu lists)
  2. Enrollment = This is a drop-down filter to limit the commission list to a specific enrollment type (i.e., prospect, attendee, friend, cradle roll, junior recruit, recruit, jr. soldier, sr., soldier, adherent, transfer, advisory board member and other).
  3. Category = This is a drop-down filter to limit the category list to a specific type (i.e., music, other, women's ministry and youth).
  4. Filter by Name = Enter a full or partial first or last name to narrow the commission list.
  5. Toggle between 'active', 'inactive', or 'all' users to narrow the list of givers.

If you make a selection that is Not Allowed, a pop-up will inform you.