Step # 2 - Review Current Corps Roll

This screen will allow you to view the information to locate the "Current Corps Roll Member" records you are looking for through several filters.

  1. Command/Unit = If you are a Corps Officer or employee, the Command and Unit will be defaulted for you (if you are at DHQ or THQ, these will appear as drop-down lists)
  2. Enrollment = This is a drop-down filter to limit the member list to a specific enrollment type (prospect, cradle roll, recruit, senior soldier, etc).
  3. Record Count = This is the # of records that were found using the filter options.
    • Name = This is the LAST NAME, FIRST NAME of the member
    • Age = Based on the birth date entered, this is the calculated age of the member
    • Enrollment = This is the enrollment type of the member.
    • As Of = This is the last date the member record was updated
    • 90-Day Attnd = This is the # of meetings that this member was tracked as attending
    • Active Giver = This will show YES for any member who has a 'giver record' and is actively giving to the Corps
    • Phone = This is the phone number that has been added to the member record (if a 'home' option is entered, that will always appear if more than 1 phone number is entered).
  4. Notification = If relevant, there may be a note to the right of the Command/Unit fields.  This is where the system will tell you the # of prospects and transfers you have on your list.  These members have an enrollment type of Prospect or Transfer and will appear as GREEN in the list.
  5. Toggle between =
    • Inactive givers only = This is a check-box filter that will allow you to find the members who are not givers (do not have a giver record) or are marked as 'inactive'
    • Inactive attenders only = This is a check-box filter that will allow you to find members who have not attended a meeting in 90+ days OR who have been marked inactive.
    • 30 day birthday list = This is a check-box filter that will show only those members whose birth date is within the next 30 days.
  6. Filter list by name = This is a text filter that will allow you to enter a full or partial first or last name to limit the list.  Some examples include:
    • Al ( to find Alex, Albert, Albasa, Al-Snow)
    • Carter, Al (to find Carter, Alex or Albert)
  7. Toggle between =
    • Active = have an active record
    • Inactive = are inactive in the system or Promoted to Glory
    • Off the Rolls =
    • All = Any record in the system