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Step #1 - Accessing Corps Cadets Membership & Course Scores

To view Corps Cadets Membership information, please select "Troops and Corps Cadets" from the main menu.

Troops and Corps Cadets is an area where you can view Troops information by Troop Registration, Troop  Membership, Troop Emblems, Troop Awards and Corps Cadet Membership. For this purpose, we are going to concentrate on Corps Cadet Membership.

Select, Corps Cadet Membership.


For ease of access throughout the Corps Management System without having to go back to the main "icon" screen as shown above, a Navigate link is located at the upper left hand corner of each screen. Once Navigate is clicked a drop-down menu will appear with the section categories.

The following screen opens:

  1. Command/Unit = Automatically populates from  the Command and Unit selected at the main Troop Hub selection. This may  also auto-populate from the Command and Unit you are associated with.
  2. Corps Cadet Progress = This is a drop-down filter to limit the progress reports (i.e., All, None, Level 1, Level 2 and Graduate)
  3. Course Count = This is a drop-down filter to limit to viewing to All.
  4. Get an Email List = By clicking this prompt you will receive the following message in a pop-up box "We've put a list of email addresses on your clipboard. Use the paste (or Ctrl + V) to add these recipients to your email message." Click OK to exit.
  5. Print Attendance Capture Sheet = By clicking this prompt a prepared document will appear in a new window providing you the options of saving and/or printing.
  6. Toggle between 'Show Command' or 'Show Unit' to add column search within the chart.
  7. Corps Cadets = View by Name, Course Count, Progress and Grade (you may also further sort by descending and ascending by column).
  8. Text Filter = Enter a full or partial word of your interest.
  9. Toggle between 'active,' 'inactive' or 'all' to narrow the list of Corps Cadets. 

NOTE:  The text filter works on the "Courses" column.  Users can enter a number 0-10 to filter the list based on the number of courses completed by the corps cadet.