How to Open the Application (Desktop/Web)

There are two options to access the application:

#1 On Web:

Then locate the Corps Management icon

if you do not have Citrix installed, follow these instructions to self-install the web-version of Citrix

#2 On Desktop:  See below

If you are on your desktop and want to access via Citrix

(advantages include advanced printer capabilities)

1. Click the Start Menu button

Add Citrix to your Task Bar or Start Menu for easy access (see below)

2. Type Citrix into the search bar.  

3. Click the Citrix Receiver icon

If you search and cannot find Citrix, you may not have it installed.  Here are some instructions to download Citrix from the App Store: Citrix Store for MyApp

3. After Citrix Opens, click the Corps Management icon

If you do not see the Corps management icon, you may not have access.  Submit a Help Desk and ask for access to the Corps Management icon.

Save the Citrix Receiver to your Taskbar or Start Menu (one-time only)

If you want to have a quick link to Citrix,  follow these steps:

1. Click the Start button

2. Type Citrix into the search bar

3. Right-Click the Citrix Receiver icon , and choose EITHER "Pin to Taskbar" or "Pin to Start Menu"