Contact Info - Excel Export

Purpose:  This report gives you the ability to print a list of people who are actively on your rolls for the given enrollment type (or all enrollment types if you select that option). This report is designed specifically to be exported to Microsoft Excel. To export to Excel, click the little floppy disk icon on the report menu after previewing the report..

Management Use:  Easily and quickly receive a list of with people without having to hand write their names and addresses.  If you know how to do mail merges in Word, you can use this excel document to generate personalized letters.

Parameter/Filters:  This report allows you to filter by:

  1. Command
  2. Unit
  3. Enrollment
  4. Group
  5. Sub Group

View/Email Options:  This report allows you to:

  1. View the Report on the Screen
  2. Email the Report to yourself or others

If you are at a Corps, you'll only have access to your Corps information.

Output Fields:  This report provides the user with an excel report that includes the following information:

1. Title

2. First Name

3. Middle Name

4. Last Name

5. Suffix

6. Birth date

7. Address 1

8. Address 2

9. City

10. State

11. Zip

12. Email Address

13. Home Phone

14. Work Phone

15. Cell Phone

16. Current Enrollment

17. Start Date

If the report you run shows names, right-click anywhere on the report for additional options.

Email Report, click the box and the following prompt opens. Enter the appropriate email address and click Send Email. The report is automatically emailed.