Step # 3 - Add a NEW Giver Record

This screen will allow you to add a household (Giver Record) if it does not already appear on the list.  From here you can connect people from the Corps Rolls areas to the Giver record.

To ADD a new giver record, click the Add button on the bottom right of the screen.

The following screen appears:

Complete the following fields:

  1. Active = Make sure the record is checked active, otherwise it will be handled as an 'inactive' record
  2. Title = Enter "Mr.," "Mrs." if the record is for an individual only; otherwise, leave it blank
  3. Look-up Name = For consistency, enter the persons last name and then first name (Smith, Bob).  This way it sorts correctly
  4. Mailing Name =  The name that the household wants to be addressed as "Smith Family"
  5. Street Address = The mailing address for the household / City, State Zip = The information associated with the mailing address
  6. Cartridge Number = enter if relevant
  7. Email = primary email address for the household
  8. Jump to Meeting = allows you to view the meeting the selected giver is connected to
  9. Save = click save to save your work

Be sure to save your work!

When you select a meeting then click Jump to Meeting, the following warning screens pops-up:

Click yes,

The following screen appears to Modify Meeting:

See Edit a Giver Record for instructions

We are hoping to include a shorter process for entering this information in a future release