How To Install Microsoft Office 365

This article will show you how to install Microsoft Office 365 on your laptop or desktop computer.

  1. Log on to

2.  Enter your username (Email Address) Password (AD Password). For example.

User Name: [email protected] Password: thisisnotaRealPassw0rd

3. Click on the Drop down for Install Office apps

For 32bit Systems select Office 2016 from the drop down

For 64bit Systems select Other Install Options and select The 64bit option

To determine if you have a 32-bit or 64-bit operating system Click the start button. In the search box type system and then select System Information




Under system type you will see either x64 for 64-bit or x86 for 32-bit. See the example below.

If you have a x64 (64-bit) Operating System you will select Other install options. On the next screen scroll to the bottom and you will see the below. Click Advanced and change the 32-bit to 64-bit. See below.


4, Once the software is down downloading complete the installation of the software.

5. To license the software Enter your email address  [email protected]) and your login password.

You have now installed Microsoft Office 365 which includes Microsoft Outlook and Skype For Business.