Shared Email Folders

This guide will instruct you how to create or access a shared mail folder in Outlook. Shared folders can be useful if you need to share information with a colleague without granting access to your entire mailbox.

Create a Shared Folder

1. Right Click on your Inbox and select "New Folder" A new untitled folder will appear - change the name as desired

2. Right click the new folder and select properties.

3. On the permissions tab, select "Add User..." Search for the people for whom you would like to share the folder and select "Add".

For each person, Select the appropriate permissions. Once finished, select "OK".

You can either select a pre-configured Permission Level (Blue Box) or manually select your preferred options in the boxes below (Green Boxes). If selecting a Permission Level, the permissions below will change to match the Level.

Access a Shared Folder

1. Select "File->Open-> Other User's Folder"

2. Search for the person who shared a folder with you and select "Open"