How To Create A All Documents Mail Folder

In Lotus Notes you may be familiar with the 'All Documents' view which allows you to see all your mail folders under one single folder. Microsoft Outlook does not have this view built in it has to be created. This article will show you how to create it.

1. From Outlook click on the Folder Tab.

2.  Click on New Search Folder.

3. Select Create a custom Search Folder.

4. Click on the Choose Button.

5. For Name - Type in All Mail or All Documents.

6. Click Browse under Mail from these folders....

7.  Put a Check next to the boxes of the folder you would like to include, make sure that Search subfolders is checked.  Click ok.


8.  Click OK again to save your settings.

9. You will receive the following dialog box, Click Yes


10.  Click OK to exit the New Search Folder window.

11. Now go to Your Search Folders under your Inbox.

12. Right Click on All Mail, Click on Show in Favorites.