How to send Encrypted Messages

Outlook provides the option to send email messages securely via encryption. This document will show you how to send an encrypted message.

When sending an encrypted message to someone without Outlook, for example someone with Gmail, the message will automatically be opened in Office 365. This means that any email service should be able to open your message. Recipients will be required to provide additional authentication when opening the message, in the form of either their email login or a one-time Passcode.

1. Open the email creation view by either creating a new email draft or replying to an existing message.

2. On the top menu bar, click Options to view the options ribbon.

3. Click Encrypt or use the arrow to choose from more options.

4. Fill out the recipients and email body as normal.

Depending on your version of Outlook, the appearance of the encrypt button may be slightly different. On some systems, the encrypt option may be hidden under the Security menu. Please contact your IT department if the option cannot be found.

If your message is encrypted, you will see this message below the subject line. It will also describe what kind of security is set up for that message.

If you want only your recipient to receive the message, you may choose the "Do Not Forward" option to restrict them from forwarding or printing the message.