Export / Import Mail in Outlook

This guide will instruct you how to Export and Import mail from Outlook. Exporting some or all of your mail to a PST file will allow yourself or others to access mail in the future. This can be useful if you need to have a successor have access to specific emails or if you wish to create a backup of your entire inbox.


1. On the top left of Outlook, click "File" and Choose Open & Export.

2. Click the Button for Import/Export

Export Mail

If you plan to export only some of your mail, you will need to create a new folder that contains all of the mail you wish to export. You may want to name it something you can quickly Identify, such as "Mail to be Exported" or "Mail Backup"

1. On the next screen, choose "Export to a File" and click "Next"

2. Choose "Outlook Data File (.pst)" and click "Next"

3. On the screen below, select which folder you wish to export. In the example below, the folder "Export Me" is selected.

To export the entirety of your mail, including archives and trash, choose the top selection that shows your email address. (1)

If you want to only export your Inbox, select "Inbox" (2)

4. Once you have made your selection, click "Next"

5. Click the "Browse" button to choose the desired location for the mail file. Once you have chosen a location and file name, Click Finish.


6. Create a password for the mail file and click "Ok" You may leave the password blank to not have the file password protected.

Make sure you make a note of the password you set for the mail file. If the password cannot be entered to open the file, the contents of the mail file will be lost.

Import Mail

1. Choose "Import from another program or File" and click "Next".

2. Choose "Outlook Data File" and click "Next".

3. Browse for the file that you wish to open. Choose how you would like to handle duplicates and click "Next".

4. Select which folders you want to import and where you would like the new folder to be imported. If you wish to import the whole data file, select "Outlook Data File" on the top.

5. Click Finish.