Manage your calendar and contacts in Outlook

Schedule an appointment

  1. In Calendar, select New Appointment.

  2. Add a Subject, Location, and the start and end times.

  3. Select Invite Attendees to turn the appointment into a meeting.

  4. Select Save & Close to finish, or Send if it's a meeting.

Schedule an appointment in Outlook

Use the Scheduling Assistant

When you create a meeting, use the Scheduling Assistant to see when attendees and rooms are available.

  • From a new meeting request, select Scheduling Assistant.  

  • The shaded area with vertical bars shows the meeting time. Drag the bars to adjust the meeting time.

  • The grid shows when attendees are available. To the right of the meeting request, Outlook shows suggested times and the number of conflicts.

Scheduling Assistant Tool

Add a contact

  1. Select the People icon.

  2. Select New Contact or press Ctrl+N.

  3. Enter a name and any other information that you want to include for the contact.

  4. Select Save & New to create another contact, or Save & Close if you're done.

Add a contact in Outlook