Export Calendar from Lotus Notes to ICS File

Export Calendar from Lotus Notes to ICS File

In the first half section we need to export required calendar entries into most reliable ICS file format that is acceptable with MS Outlook and other programs. A few easy steps are required to export Lotus Notes calendar in ICS file as shown here:

Step-1: Open Lotus Notes application and turn to the calendar section

Step-2: Now click on File from the Menu bar and then choose Export from the list.

Step-3: Another window will pop-up on the screen. Provide desired file name, choose “Calendar File (.ics)” from the Save as type and click on the Export button.

Step-4: Select “All documents” and Click on OK button.

Steps to Import ICS File in MS Outlook 2013 and 2010

Once you get a calendar of Lotus Notes in ICS file, it’s mean you have completed your 50 % task. For another 50 %, you need to import resulting .ics files into Microsoft Outlook with the help of Import Export Wizard function as shown in below screenshots.

Step-5: Initially, open Microsoft Outlook on your PC. Select File from the menu bar >> Open >> Click on Import button.

Step-6: Now Import and Export Wizard will be open. Choose “Import an iCalendar (.ics) or vCalendar file (.vcs)” and click the Next button.

Step-7: Browse ICS file from the location where you have saved exported calendar and click the OK button.

Step-9: In a few second you will get this Lotus Notes calendar on your MS Outlook Calendar