Delegate Mailbox Access via AD Manager

AD Manager has the capability to mange Outlook mailbox delegation for IT Staff. This guide will walk through the process of allowing one user to access the mailbox of another.

For the sake of example, this guide will walk through the process of delegating Jose's mailbox to Josh so that Josh can both read and send email from Jose's account. When you delegate access to a mailbox, check with the end user to see what kind of access restrictions should be in place - some cases a user may only request read access.

1. Log onto Ad Manager.

2. Go to the Office 365 Tab.

3. Go to Mailbox Management.


4. Choose "Mailbox Delegation".

5. Search for the user(s) and expand the "configure" tab. Check any user's you wish to change access for.

6. Select the permissions you wish to manipulate on the selected mailboxes. For each permission, search for and choose the user's you wish to have that specific access. Once you are finished, select "Apply"

In the example of Jose and Josh, we are giving Josh the ability to send emails for Jose, so he will need all three rights.

In the case of read only access, only "Full access" is required.

7. Once the access is set, it should take about an hour for the mailbox to automatically show on the end user's machine.