Household Comments

You can create one or more comments for a household.

1. The number of comments in the system appear in parenthesis on the Household Comments menu button.

2. Comments from the lotus notes database have been imported into this system as one comment.

3. If your comment was an alert, that comment will appear here.

a. Hint: copy that alert comment and place in the Alert field on the household information dialog. That way your alert will display on the Household Dashboard

home page.

4. To create a new comment, click the Create New button.

a. Enter your comment and click Save.

b. The date of the comment is set to the current date.

c. The username of the person making the comment is also recorded.

5. To Print a comment, click on the comment in the list.

a. Click on the Download Comment as PDF button.

b. A formatted comment page is downloaded to your local machine for printout.