The reports are broken into 3 categories:

● Household Reports

● Services Reports

● United Way Reports

To run a report:

  1. Select your report from one of the lists.


2. The corps should be defaulted to your corps.

3. Select a date range:

a. If a household report, the date is based on the when the household was last updated.

b. If a service report, the date is based on the service date.

4.    The results of the report are shown in a grid.

a. Many of the results are grouped. For example, the households by ZIP code are grouped by ZIP code.

b. The number of items in the group is shown in parentheses after the grouped data value. For example, the Households by ZIP code might show 14801 (66). That

means there are 66 households in that group.

c. Click the (+) symbol to the left of the table row to expand your results.

i. If the report detail shows a specific household, you can double click on that detail data to view that household record.