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How to Reset your Lotus Notes Internet Password

Your Lotus Notes Internet Password is used for two key reasons. First, it keeps your mobile devices synchronized with Lotus Notes. Second, you must use this password to login to OMS and Webmail applications. You can use this guide to reset your password when encountering issues with these applications.

If you reset your Lotus Notes Internet password, you may need to set the same password on your mobile device's lotus notes account. After changing your password, you will not be able to recieve lotus notes emails on your phone.

1. Start Lotus Notes and open your workspace.

If you have the USE Directory on your workspace already, skip to step 5.

2. Press (CTRL + O) for Windows or (CMD + O) for mac. This will open the box below.

3. In the server box, type "USEHUB1" and press enter(1). This will populate the list with all the databases stored on the server.

4. From the list of items, double click the item that says "USE's Directory"(2).

5. Once the directory above is open, start typing your last name. The small box below should open. Once you are finished typing you last name press enter or click "Find".

6. Double click the entry with your name. You should see the screen below. If not, ensure the first tab "basics" is selected. Click "Edit Person".

7. Click "Enter Password"(1). This will promp you to enter a new password. Once you are finished select ok(2). Finally, select "Save & Close"(3) on the top of the page.

Type your new password carefully. There is no verification to check for typos.

Once you set a new password, it will take some time for the server to reflect your changes. In the case of OMS, it could take a few hours.