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How to set up Lotus Notes on mobile devices


If using Iphone device and installed the profile using the url the following has to be done in order to update to the new traveler server

  • Go to Settings – General - Profile
  • Select Profile name

Delete Profile

  • Will prompt for code if one stored on phone


  1. Configure Notes Traveler Account Using the Apple Profile.
  • Open the Safari browser on your device.
    • Go to to open the Lotus Notes Traveler user home page. Enter your Lotus Internet email address which is [email protected] (i.e. [email protected]) and your Lotus Notes password.
    • Select Generate an Apple Profile for Apple Mail, Contacts and Calendar Apps.
    • Select Generate.
    • Select Install.
    • When prompted about the authenticity of the profile, select Install Now to continue to install the profile.
    • If you have enabled a security passcode for your device and are prompted for the passcode, enter it. Note that this is not related to the Lotus Notes Traveler password.
    • When prompted for your Exchange account password, type the password used to log in to the Lotus Notes Traveler user home page, and select Next. This is your lotus notes password.
    • Select Done.
    • Press the device's home button to return to the home screen.

If using an Android phone to verify if the application has been installed.

Go to Settings – Account

IBM Verse

Select the IBM Verse App from the menu Settings

Verify Settings for Contacts is checked prior to uninstalling the application

Go to Applications – People – Sync contacts – Checked

Show device contacts - uncheck

Once the Contacts settings have been verified

Uninstall Application

Download application again and reconfigure with the following settings


Username: first name last name (lotus notes login no dot)

Password: lotus notes password