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Adding Connection Documents to Lotus Notes

This article will walk you through the process of adding missing connection documents to Lotus Notes.  Connection Documents are used to let the client know how to get to the Lotus Notes server.   Without proper connection documents Lotus Notes will not be able to connect or will have to rely on Cisco Any Connect (VPN) to connect which is not needed.

Access your contact book, navigate to the Advanced area and click Connections

Create a manual connection to THQ Servers.

Fill out the server connection Basics tab as shown below

Goto the Advanced tab and fill out the below settings.  When completed hit the Save & Close Button

Exit and then open Lotus Notes again

Next hit Ctrl + O and type the below server address.  USEHUB1/USE/SArmy.  Navigate to the IT folder and open Connection Documents - New Mail Server

Select New Mail Clustered Environment - Connection Button then select the New Mail Clustered Environment - Connection Button

Select Start trusting the signer to execute the action. You may have to select this 3 times until the box disappears.

You will see the below confirmation box when complete

When you go back to your connections list you should see something similar to this

Congratulation, you now have access to all Lotus Notes servers without VPN.

You may have to restart Lotus Notes one more time for these changes to take affect