Testing RP Legal Corporate Documents

Testing Legal Corporate Documents Web Application

The application URL is http://usedesign.use.ad.salvationarmy.org/corplegal/index.html (open in any browser EXCEPT IE)

There are 3 options on the left to choose from:

List of Documents – Shows the list of requests.  There are options to filter the requests on the top of the view by Command and/or Status.

Manage Reviewers – Shows reviewers.  This is where you can manage this list.

Add Document for Review – Creates a new request.

Creating a New Request

Matter ID will be populated when the request is saved.

Tab through each field.  The fields that have drop down list will have an arrow to the far right.

Fields without a drop down can be typed into.

If while working on a new request you decide to not save it, just click on one of the options to the left and the request won’t be saved.

Click on Submit for Review on the bottom to save and notify Legal Dept.

Features Still Being Worked On

  • Ability to add more than one attachment in a field
  • Attachments cannot be deleted
  • Creation date defaulting to today’s date
  • Launching attachments from the view