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Connect to the VPN before Logging into Windows (Win 10)

This information will guide you through the process on how to connect to the VPN before logging into Windows on a Windows 10 computer.  This is helpful when you need to change your password and the network is not available or if you are requesting help from a technician and they need you to be on the network to communicate.

After pressing Control Alt Delete and clicking ok on the disclaimer, you come to the screen where you enter your password.

On this screen, in the bottom right hand corner. There should be 4 icons. Click on the one farthest to the left which looks like 2 monitors, one in front of the other.

This will launch the Cisco VPN Client.

If prompted choose the correct profile from the drop down box that coordinates to your Division.

Next you will be asked to log in to VPN.  Use the same user name and password you use to log in to Windows.  

Log in is First Name period Last Name and the password you log into your computer with every day.

When you see the below box you are logged into VPN successfully.   Hit the Accept button and log in is complete.

Finally log into Windows as you normally would.