Creating Reports in Egnyte

This article covers the process of setting up reports in Egnyte.    Keep in mind that not all users have this access and it must be granted.  Please submit a help ticket if you do not see the option to create reports in Egnyte and the help desk team will assist.

Log into the online version of Egnyte at:

In the upper right hand corner you will see the option to access the report section, see screen shot below

In the Report Center you will see options on the left hand side of the screen.   There are several different reports to choose from.  In this example we will be setting up a weekly report that shows user activity on a particular folder.  Expand the Audit Reports section and choose Saved & Scheduled Queries.

Click the Add button and choose File Audit from the list.

Fill out the screen using the below as a guide.  Choose Save Query when done

Your report will run at the frequency that you have chosen.  Check back here to retrieve your report and view the contents.

If you report is empty than there has been no activity or action during the report period, this is normal.