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How To Enroll Your Device With Microsoft Intune

This article will help you enroll your mobile device in Microsoft Intune so you can access your Salvation Army email and Resources on your mobile phone or ipad. Please view the companion video and follow the steps below.

1) Install Microsoft Intune from your devices App Store. Search for "Microsoft Intune". Install the Intune Company Portal.

2) Open the app and login with your salvation army email address for example [email protected]

3) Enter your password. This is your Active Directory password. The same password you use to login to your computer.

4) Click Begin.

5) Click Continue.

6) Click Allow, this will open settings.

7) Install the Management Profile.

8) When Remote Management appears. click Trust.

9) Open the Portal and click Continue. Select whether the device is either an iPhone or Ipad.

10) Click View to see the apps available to you for download.