Amazon Business FAQ Library

Amazon Business FAQ Library

The following document provides answers to commonly asked Amazon Business questions. 

Getting Started

Accessing Amazon Business

How do I access my Amazon Business account?
You can access the Salvation Army Eastern Territory centralized Amazon Business Account by clicking on the Microsoft SSO Link. NOTE: The preferred browser to access Amazon Business is Chrome or Firefox.

If you have an existing or Amazon Business account with your email, you will have a few additional steps to complete upon accessing Amazon from the Microsoft SSO Link. Details are provided below.

What if I haven’t received a welcome email? 

Be sure to check your spam or deleted email folders. The registration email is sent directly from ([email protected]). If you still cannot locate the email, you can access the site via the Microsoft SSO Link. Please direct any other questions on accessing Amazon Business via SSO to [email protected].


How can I select The Salvation Army Eastern for Amazon Smile to donate to?  

The Microsoft SSO Link will take you directly to Amazon Smile. On your first visit you will be prompted to select a charitable organization from the Amazon Smile list of eligible organizations. Please select “The Salvation Army USA - Eastern Territory” as your organization of choice.


How do I complete registration as part of the Salvation Army Eastern Territory Amazon Business account?
Upon accessing Amazon Business for the first time, your account will be authenticated by Microsoft Single Sign On. If you have an existing or Amazon Business account, you will follow one of scenarios below. Please read the explanations carefully to understand which applies to you. Note, the scenarios pertain ONLY to your email address. If you have a separate, personal account tied to a personal (gmail, yahoo, etc.) email address, it will not be affected.

Scenario 1

I already use my email address to make BUSINESS purchases on
If your email address is already associated with an account, you will have the option to convert your existing account and transfer any purchase history and pending orders to the centralized business account. Select Convert my existing Amazon account to bring your order history and pending orders over to the centralized Salvation Army Eastern TerritoriesAmazon Business account.


Please note: If you have used your email address for an account and made personal and business purchases, please follow scenario 2. 

Scenario 2

I already use my email address to make ANY PERSONAL purchases on
If you use your email address for an account and you have used this for any personal purchases, select Create a separate business user account and provide a personal email address (e.g., to move your order history and pending orders over.


Scenario 3

  • I already use my email address for an Amazon Business Account
  • If you are the only user on your account: You can merge your existing Amazon Business account by accessing the invitation you received from [email protected] or you can deregister your account (instructions below).
  • If you are the administrator & have other users on your account: Please follow the below instructions to have those additional users merged into the account:
  • Accept the invitation you received from Amazon on 4/29 to merge your account
  • Top level administrators (Sharon Stepinski or Megan Howarth) will approve the merge
  • Once the merge is complete, please forward along the launch communication to the users who have been migrated so they have the Microsoft SSO Link and the FAQ Guide

If you have an Existing Amazon Business Account with multiple users and you go directly to Microsoft SSO Link you will receive an “Error Message” (see image below) when clicking the link above.  You will either need to be removed from that account by the administrator, de-register or merge the account if you are the administrator (instructions above).


How do I deregister my account?

Log into your Business Account

Download an order history report for the past 6-12 months

Click the following link to deregister your existing account:

  • Once you are done, please try accessing the site again through the Microsoft SSO Link and follow the prompts to “convert your existing account” which is option 2 above.


NOTE: The terminology on this screen can be confusing. Rest assured your order history will not be lost, your account will be converted back to an consumer account, allowing you to join the new, Centralized Amazon Business account.

I tried to deregister my account but it says “I don’t have permissions to close this account.” How should I proceed?
The reason you do not have permissions to close your account is because you are not the administrator of the account you are tied to. Please reach out to the administrator on the existing account and have them remove you. If you are unsure of who your account administrator is, please contact Customer Service at 888.281.3847.


When I access Amazon Business for the first time, I am prompted to log in with a password.  I do not know my login information.

You are asked to enter a password because you have an existing Amazon account with your email address. If you cannot remember the password, please select the “forgot password” button to reset. If you are still having trouble resetting the password, please call Amazon Business Customer Service at 888.281.3847 and ask them to reset it for you.

Once your password has been reset, you will either want to follow Scenario 3 to separate your order history or Scenario 1 to convert your existing account into a Business account.  

What should I do if I purchased an individual Prime Membership with my credit card? 

Our Amazon Business account has Business Prime Shipping that covers all users so your individual Prime Membership is no longer necessary for business purchases. Your previous individual membership will be cancelled upon merging into our new centralized account and a prorated refund will be credited back to your original form of payment. (Scenario 1)

What do I do if I bought a Prime Membership with personal funds on my Amazon account?

If you were using your business email for your personal Amazon account and purchased a Prime Membership with personal funds, you will have the option during registration to split off your personal order history and Prime Membership to a personal account. Follow Scenario 3 above.

What should I do if I purchased an individual Prime Membership with my personal card and wish to keep my accounts and purchasing history separate? 

If you previously used your business email on a personal account and purchasing Amazon Prime, please follow the instructions in Scenario 3 above to separate your accounts. You will need to designate a new personal email for your personal account, your personal history and Prime membership will remain intact and you will be able to join the Centralized Business account with your business email.


Can I use the new Amazon Business account for PERSONAL use?
No. The Centralized Amazon Business Account must be used for business purchases only, in accordance with our purchasing policies. The administrators will have access to all purchasing history made through the Amazon Business account.


I forgot my password for my Business account and am unable to reset the password. 
Please contact Amazon Business Customer Service by clicking Contact Us (preferred method).

Payment Method

What form of payment should I use to make Amazon Business purchases?

Enter your corporate credit card information. This can be entered ahead of time in ‘Your Account’ or during the checkout process. Payment instruments are visible to your account administrator and can be audited.  If you do not have a corporate credit card, another card can be used temporarily until you contact your command for a corporate credit card.

Buying Policies


What Product Categories are available to purchase?
Amazon Business includes all items that are available on, plus additional business-specific products. Your account administrator is enabling you to make the right buying decisions for your business needs.

Are there any category restrictions?

There are several product categories that may contain items that are not compliant based on our organization’s purchasing polices. You may see “Company Restricted” messaging throughout the shopping experience. Product pages

marked as “Company Restricted” are available for purchase; however, you are responsible for ensuring your purchases are compliant with company policies and guidelines. You are responsible for the purchases made under your account.

Manage Suppliers

How do I search for suppliers in Amazon Business?
For hard to find items sold by a specific supplier, you can search for suppliers by name and apply filters, such as star rating and business location of the supplier, to narrow down your search results. You can also use a combination of search and filters. Once you find a supplier, you can add them to your list of Saved Suppliers. The list makes it easy for you to learn more about your favorite suppliers -- you can visit a supplier’s profile page (their storefront), or contact them by selecting Ask a question.

To add a supplier to your Saved Suppliers list, do either of the following:

Search for a supplier, then in the search results, select Save for Later from the Action menu – OR – Navigate to a seller's profile page by selecting the seller name, then selecting Save for Later

To remove a supplier from your Saved Suppliers list, do either of the following:

Select Remove from Saved in your list of saved suppliers or on the seller's profile page, select X Remove Supplier

Tax Exemption

I was charged sales tax on my order even though my Amazon Business account is setup for tax exempt purchasing. How do I get a refund? 
Because Amazon provides a marketplace made up of millions of sellers, there are instances when sellers may still charge tax on tax exempt purchases. Contact the Seller directly to request the refund.

From within your account, navigate  to “Your Orders”

Find the item that was charged tax and click “Contact the Seller”

Enter subject as “Tax Exemption Refund Request”

Include the order number and amount charged

If you have issues contacting the seller, or other order related questions, please contact the Business Customer Service team HERE or directly by phone at 888.281.3847


How do I see the orders I placed after joining the Amazon Business Account?

From within your account, navigate to Your Orders. The default view will display all orders “Paid For By You”.

How do I track my Amazon Business delivery?

You can view real-time delivery details for all pending orders, including estimated delivery date and carrier information. From within your account, navigate to Your Orders > Track Package.

Can I save products I purchase frequently?
Yes, create Lists! To begin, hover over Lists in upper right corner of your screen and select Create a List

1. Select This list is for: you from the dropdown menu

2. Select list type: Shopping List or Reorder List

3. Name the list

4. Privacy: Private

6. Create List


What address should I be using? 

You are responsible for adding your site address the first time you check out, or you can add it to your account settings prior to the first time you check out. Go to Your Account > Your Addresses > Add Address > Enter in Site name in “Full

Name” section. When you check out, you will be able to add a user name, or department name, so that it is clearly labeled on the shipping label.

My order will not process, what should I do? 

If your order will not go through please validate that your credit card is not expired and your billing address is correct.


How can I return or cancel an item?

To return an item, access the Amazon Business Return Center from your account. From the Return Center you will be able to start and track your return. Please reference our Return Policy for more information on return timeframes.

Business Prime

What items are eligible for Business Prime Shipping?

Millions of products are eligible for Business Prime Shipping and are designated with the Prime logo. You’ll be charged applicable shipping fees for items not eligible for Business Prime Shipping (Learn more).


Are there other benefits besides Free Two-Day Shipping with Business Prime?

Besides Free Two-Day Shipping on millions of eligible items, Business Prime Shipping provides all employees on your business account access to Prime Early Access and Prime Day deals. Business Prime Shipping currently does not include consumer programs such as Prime Pantry, Fresh, Music, or Video.

Can I use Business Prime Shipping benefits on my personal account, too?

No. Business Prime Shipping benefits can only be used with your business account. You are welcome to purchase an individual Prime membership for your separate personal account.

Other Amazon Programs

Amazon Smile 

On your first visit you will be prompted to select a charitable organization from the Amazon Smile list of eligible organizations.  Please select “The Salvation Army USA - Eastern Territory” as your organization of choice.